Saviors of Fey

The realm of Kenethen is a land of chaos, war ravages everywhere. The Barbarian conflict far to the south, the epic battles between the elf and dwarf. far to the north Duke Paldane puts his push for trade on hold to return home, no he isn't beaten, he hasn't lost his curage. Paldane recieves a message that his beloved home of fay has fallen to the envading goblin and orc. At the same time he send out six messages to adventurers across the land.

Toloman the wise: A great wizard in the making, he loves the bottle but the good of man more.

Balin: A young priest who has seen the outcome of the battle, believing that his god will bring them through this and all trouble.

Palo: A Paladon who wishes nothing more than to be left alone, unfortunatly his bravery draws attention.

Feralen: A thief cursed with 12 fingers, his hatred of goblin and his thirst for blood will come in handy.

Adrie: An elf maiden, but don't let her good looks foul you she is excellent with a sword and even more deadly with her bow.

Felldmore: A dwarf worrier, aragant but with enough strenght to back up his big mouth.

Together they can they turn this tide of hate, distroy the goblin and get to the bottom of the invasion join us each week to find out.


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