The Circle of Shekarnon

It is the Season of Sorrows Bid. Despite its rather foreboding name, the turn to winter mirrors the peace of the land.

In the peaceful village of Firesbough, a growing city nestled in the Kingdom of Shekarnon and named for its flame-red leaves of autumn, some of the most powerful figures in the world have retired to lives of quiet recreation and relaxation. In Firesbough, the term "swords to plowshares" took on a new meaning, as mighty warriors now engaged in battle with the soil, farming and gardening. Where mages once battled for magical supremacy, they now gather in comfortable taverns and reminisce over their days of glory and adventure. Nobles and former journeymen regularly rubbed elbows there, and more than once has a Duke lost an arm-wrestling match to the local smith.

In the sprawl and dales around the city, the world continued to move and scheme. Shadows held treacherous eyes, and shining daggers crouched in the dark, hungry for blood and power. Ancient evils festered in distant dolmens, and corrupted men sat in shrouded council, plotting the future of the Kingdom. Malevolent creatures, dead in both flesh and heart, peer across a living horizon with foul intent.

And none of them had the slightest idea that the future that they conspired to shape, the tomorrow that they sought to subvert to horrifying ends, rested solely and squarely …

… in the hands of children.

This page is for the Circle of Shekarnon AD&D campaign, based in Cleveland, OH. This campaign will be utilizing 3.5 AD&D rules, and all house rules will be posted in the Files section for player perusal.

I have cross-posted here as a way of sharing my gaming experiences with the Guild. Enjoy! - Jer

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