The Graveyard Shift

“Reality can be a heartless bitch. No, I’m not talking about your everyday bullshit. Not the office, not the stupid vest you have to wear at work, not even the hag that you go home to every night. No, I’m talking about Reality with a capital “R”. The one that lives in the denial-filled basement of the normal world. The one everyone suspects is lurking, but can’t be acknowledged by a rational adult.

"This is the Reality that occasional creeps up the world’s basement steps and slowly opens the kitchen door. It catches you making a sandwich, and you see it. It’s right there in front of you. This thing that can’t be. Your gut fills with ice, and your brain begins to operate on an uncivilized level. The level of “survive or be eaten”.

"When you’re one of the few to whom Reality pays a visit, you’ve got a choice to make, and this is the “heartless bitch” part. You can get eaten, just like your sandwich. You can run and see if your mind can stand the strain. Or, you can take up The Vigil…”

- John “Blackjack” Corrigan, Yellowknife NT, 1984

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