The North March - A D&D 4e Saga

Intrepid adventurers struggle against dark forces to keep the March free!


The North March is the setting and the namesake of our D&D 4th edition campaign. This realm was built on the bones of the most northern province of the Old Kingdom. It sits at the feet of the Earthshorn Mountains and is frequently plagued by raiders from these lonely peaks.

The Setting

  • Aedar - The World. The North March is one small part of a much larger realm , the world of Aedar.
  • Tarrigan's Landing - Map A small seaport town set in the Pinetop Hills region of The North Realm.

The Characters

  • Earendur - The mysterious, Eladrin Ranger from the little-known Moonlight Glade. His murdered master has entrusted him with a list of names, at the bottom of which is penned an eldritch rune…
  • Dorian - Human, journeyman Wizard. He has begun his travels into the world, leaving his island homeland far behind. He carries a secret to Calandri Turnhaven in Tarrigan's Landing
  • Karazz - Human Fighter on the run. Captured and forced to fight in the Hobgoblin arenas, Garazz killed his keeper and escaped. He has no memory of his life before his capture and keeps his hobgoblin name which means "slave".
  • Raegar - Fierce Dragonborn Warlord. Raegar is searching for knowledge of a prophecy. Some on the Isle of the Wyrm, his home, believe him to be the subject of this ancient foretelling. He seeks the truth.
  • Fallion - A lithe, Elf Rouge seeking his fortune among the Marchlanders. He hails from the Silverdown Wood, but speaks little of his origins…

The Stories

  • Chapter One - Tarrigan's Landing
  • Chapter Two - The Old Manor (Part 1)
  • Chapter Three - Shipsbane Island


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